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Custom Stained Glass

At Williams Art Glass Studio, we offer the best in top quality custom stained glass work.  Our artist, working in close conjunction with the client, can create design work for almost any application, whether it is commercial, residential, or ecclesiastical.

For those interested in having a custom piece of glasswork made, our artist, Karen, will sit down and work with the customer on a one to one basis in creating each design based on the application and effect for each piece.  In our showroom, we have an extensive photographic portfolio that showcases 1,000+ photos of our custom windows and often serves as a good starting point for those that are unsure of exactly what kind of window they want.





Once the design is finalized glass selection begins.  We have a vast library of antique sheets of glass, as well as unique ‘limited run’ sheets and high-quality standard production glass to draw from for all projects.  If not in stock, the glass can be obtained from many sources both foreign and domestic.

     Our glaziers are skilled in the use of all types of came including lead, zinc, brass, and copper.  Additionally, we utilize Tiffany-style copper foil technique for detailed portions of larger windows.  Glazing of windows is carried out with utmost care to ensure a solid, sealed panel.   Perfection of the project and satisfaction of the client is our most important goal.  


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