Victorian Honeycomb

Beveled Right to the Point


This window has all of its pieces custom beveled, right down to the square jewels on the perimeter. The only pieces not custom are the circle jewels. Built out of Colonial point lead, this window will set off a tremendous amount of prisms. There is also much extra work done to some of the bevels itself – honeycomb and zipper cuts. The honeycombing is in the center 4 pieces of the window, which every “comb” is hand ground (by our master beveler) and polished out. The same goes for the zipper cuts around the perimeter. Very tedious work, but someone has to do it. The textured glass incorporated is gluechip glass (3/8″ thick) which we chipped here ourselves to give it an extra form of personal satisfaction. New oak frame.

Height- 36:
Width- 27 1/4: