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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you custom build windows?  How much does it cost?

     Surprisingly, we get this one quite often.  Yes we do build custom windows; if you are interested in having a custom piece built please stop by our showroom or contact us.  If possible, have your dimensions (rough dimensions are okay) handy so that we can give you a better idea of what price range you will be looking at.  Generally, prices start at $150 per square foot, however, due to the unique nature of each and every window we make, there is no generic price and your quote will reflect the intricacy of the design.  Please note that many of the windows featured on our website represent our 'high end' work and are very labor intensive.  Whatever your budget, our artist will work with your ideas to create a piece that satisfies both your vision and your bottom line.


Do you ship your merchandise?

   While we can and will ship windows and architectural items both within the state and across the US, we have had problems with mis-handled packages in the past (see picture below).  Most times this has not proved to be the case, but for elaborate custom or antique pieces we recommend personal pick up.  If you do not live within reasonable driving distance, please contact us for further information. We have several reliable specialty shipping companies we can recommend.

This package was marked 'FRAGILE GLASS'.

Do you repair stained glass windows and doors?

     Yes, we are experts at repairs, restorations, and modifications of stained and beveled glass windows and doors.

Do you install windows?

     Yes, we install windows that we sell.  We do not install windows purchased from other merchants.

Do you install mantles?

     Yes, we do install fireplace mantles within our local area.

Do you work on site for restaurants, etc.?

     Yes, but on a limited basis.  This is judged by the size of the job, the location, and other various factors.  Please contact us for more information.

Can you make a custom wooden door in addition to the panel?

     Yes, we can provide custom doors made to order.  We work with a number of top millworks in the area for our custom woodworking needs.

Do you re-silver mirrors?

     No, we do not offer mirror re-silvering services.  Due to the toxicity and hazards involved in the process, we can no longer re-silver old mirrors.

Will you refinish my mantle I just bought at the flea market?

   While we have offered this service in the past, we now only refinish our own inventory.  Often there are a number of qualified furniture shops which take refinishing work; check your local listings.

Can you send me a book or some designs?

     No, we can not send out designs.  Other than the samples in our studio portfolios, you will have to talk to Karen in our art department.  Please see legal notices.

Do you sell supplies or offer classes?

     No, we do not sell supplies or offer classes.  We recommend checking your local community enrichment programs and area phonebook for vendors specializing in these services.

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